Submit a sketch, a prototype or a finished product

Submit your product or idea and answer a few simple questions. After that, a test group of trusted distributors from all over the world will evaluate your product's market potential in their own countries.

You will be able to see the results of the assessment and if your idea is well received you will move on to the second phase. If your idea does not move beyond step one, we will place it in the Idea Warehouse, where it can be seen by other potential distributors and have the potential to be picked up at any time afterwards.

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Align and sign the mutual agreement.

If your idea is selected, we will sign a mutual agreement based on your preferences and the development stage of your product.

If you submit a sketch, design or prototype, you can choose between a fixed price for your IP, royalty fees, or a combination of both. In the case that you have already organized production and only need help with distribution, we will simply sign a sales agreement. 

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Enter development process.

Now we can get to work and start with the development. Invented 4 has the capacity to fully develop your idea or help you out at any stage.

a) For sketches, designs and prototypes, Invented4 will develop the finished product and provide all the necessary sales tools (video, pictures, marketing strategy and materials). Invented4 will also invest in tooling, required certificates, IP protection, as well as take care of production.

b) For finished products, Invented4 can offer help with sales tools development and organize production if necessary. You will be able to protect your IP rights and we provide the product samples together with required certificates.

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Leave the sales and marketing activities to us.

After all the promotional and sales materials are finalized, Invented 4 will present the product to all distribution channels. We will also publish on our website, launch press releases, in addition to submitting your product to award competitions in order to bring your invention as much attention as possible.

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