We believe there are many brilliant ideas out there that never get to see the light of the day. That happens mainly because people lack the time, the knowledge or the energy to pursue them. And even with those things available, how is one to tell if his or her idea would turn out successful? It seems only reasonable to check the potential as soon as possible.

Inventedfor.com, is a crowdsourcing platform where idea owners can check the global market potential and realize product idea without any financial input or public disclosure of the idea.

Through this unique business model, supported by our knowledge, great connections and experience, we strive to establish a link between the companies that hunt for great ideas and creative individuals who lack the means or knowledge to bring their inventions to life.

Our mission is simple: to develop numerous ideas into smart products that will add more value, ease and creativity to our everyday lives.

About the founder

My name is Grega Piškur. I started my entrepreneurial path at the age of 20 when I founded my first company.

Throughout my career I have worked with numerous distributors and industrial designers, learning a lot about things like product development, production organization and market reaction.

After years of collaborating with a range of different companies, I realized that the wholesalers and retailers are constantly searching for innovative products which could generate them higher added value.

Working with industrial designers on the other hand, has led me to contemplate about how many of their brilliant ideas are never realized.

All this made me shift my career in the direction that I find the most fulfilling: to link those companies with inventors and produce valuable things anyone can enjoy.

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Highest creditworthiness rating 3rd year in a row

The certificate from Bisnode Slovenija certifies that Invented4 fulfils the international standard of excellence in creditworthiness and belongs to the highest order of excellence in creditworthiness in Slovenia. Invented4 meets the criteria for excellence in creditworthiness in 2017, and is one of the most reliable Slovenian business entities, entitled to use the internationally recognized AAA status, which represents the global standard of excellence in creditworthiness.

Certificate of excellence
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